Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Mermaid Nails.

In my February nail polish I received a  Sally Hansen's nail polish called "Mermaid's Tale".
I should have taken a photo - sorry. It is a dark blue jelly with small blue glitter and larger blue and green sparkles.

As it would probably take 3 or 4 coats to really build up the colour of the polish I decided to use a navy blue base and then add the glitter.

Keeping with the nautical theme I used China Glaze "First Mate" as a base.

The I added two coats on Mermaid's Tale.

So pretty!

I am so glad I got this polish in my Bellabox - I am totally obsessed with mermaids!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I love Target

I had a little splurge at Target the other day. I thought I would get a few things for my son for winter whilst they had 20% off. 

I got this skirt for myself for $20. It is knee length on me.

Cute Robot PJ's - $14.

This cute hoodie was $12. My son's name starts with an "R" so I really love it. It also has a number 1 on the back - my son is turning one in a month so it is doubly awesome.

I got a couple of tops and some Barbie's that were on sale - for my nieces for their birthdays. They have some awesome knitted zip jumpers for boys that I want to get. I think I'll wait till after my son's birthday incase we get one as gifts. I have a wedding to attend soon. I tried to find something to wear... didn't have much luck. I look terrible in most things. I'm hoping to go to shopping in a week or two to try and find a dress that I feel comfy in (hopefully kinda sexy too!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The post about post pregnancy bodies and getting back in shape.

So, it has come to that time where something must be done.

I had a baby almost 11 months ago. My post baby body is something I should be proud of - my body made my baby and kept him safe for months! Unfortunatly, I don't feel this way. I have not 'bounced back' and definatly do not fit into my pre-pregnancy size 10 jeans.

My tummy took most of the damage. I went 15 days over and in that 15 days I gained ALOT of stretch marks and my skin stretched so much I thought it would split open.

Me at 41 weeks and 6 days. I cut my head off as I have a really pained expression on my face and look terrible.

I have a sag… like a person who has lost a lot of weight rather quickly..the extra skin hangs off my tummy - I can literally tuck it into my pants. It looks hideous and I feel very ugly with it. 

I also still have some "extra padding" mainly on my tummy too. I honestly feel really fat. Some of this needs to go. I have been having no success with exercise. I chase after my baby every day, take him on walks as well as running a household. I don't have the time nor money for the gym - and I believe you don't need to go to the gym, that most of it can be done at home. I have ruled out bike riding as I can't take my son. So walks it is.

I was at my doctors recently on another matter. The extra skin really has been getting to me, more then I would like it too. I mentioned this to my doctor is passing. I was hoping he would tell me that losing weight would get rid of it. Instead I was told that that during my pregnancy as my skin stretched it lost it elasticity and the only way to get rid of the extra skin would be a tummy tuck. Not what I wanted to hear. I won't be having a tummy tuck, no money for things like that.

The skin wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't visible through clothes. I have been living in bigger tops, loose tee shirts and such. I would love to feel sexy again…So I have decided to eat more healthily (it's very easy just to snack when you have a baby) and try and up a bit more exercise with my little boy.

I'm not asking to become super star skinny - just to feel a bit more normal. I am super self conscious at the moment and think everyone is staring at me.

I do need to point out that I will not become one of those freakish people that never eats unhealthy - everything in moderation. I do tend to know, emotionally eat.. especially at night. This needs to stop.

I have been having healthy smoothies that I make. Basically fruit, a tad of traditional probiotics yogurt (not that fake sugary stuff) and some milk with chia seeds. So yum, especially berries.

Anyone got any tips or tricks for me - any quick and easy meals you care you share?

Standing tall.

My baby can pull himself up.

I'm not ready for this.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Starry, starry night.

Just a quick nail polish post.

This is China Glaze "Liquid Leather" (plain black) with Femme Fatale Cosmetics "Star's Lament" on top. Two coats China Glaze, one coat FFC. I did intend to do one coat of China Glaze and two coats of FFC to make it more glittery but I have baby brain haha.

Star's Lament is described as "a glitter polish filled with holographic flecks and small holographic silver hexes in a black jelly base". It really is pretty. It looks like a night sky.

You can buy "Star's Lament" here. It costs $9.75 for a 12ml bottle and you will be supporting an Australian owned business. 

Also, just a quick note to tell you that Kat from Kitsch Snitch has reached 200 followers and is hosting a giveaway with some lovely treats! Congrats Kat! Enter here to be in the draw!