Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prisoners in Victoria not doing it tough...

Port Phillip Prison is located in Laverton, Victoria and is a maximum security prison for males. This prison isn't run by the government but by a private company called G4S Custodial Services.

Port Phillip Prison - Communal dining area

At the moment in Victoria alot of our prisons are full. Ararat Prison (mainly a sex offenders prison who have housed people like "Mr Baldy") is currently full so Port Phillip Prison is taking the overflow. It's scary to think that Ararat Prison now has to undergo an expansion which will see an extra 350 beds in the prison - how many sex offenders do we really have in Victoria? Too many

Back to Port Phillip Prison. What's it like inside...

The prison is separated into thirteen accommodation units including a youth unit generally for young adult inmates aged 18–25. Each cell has a shower, basin, toilet, desk, chair, television, kettle, storage shelves, intercom and bed. Each accommodation unit has its own kitchen, meals room, laundry, day room, recreation area and outside courtyard.
All units are centrally heated and every cell has ventilation and a large window. In addition, the prison operates a 20-bed inpatient hospital unit.
You get to play video games and watch movies. Oh, Port Phillip Prison also has a few swimming pools as well for the inmates to enjoy. It must be a tough life for some child molesters and murderers...
In the early hours of this morning I read an article about Port Phillip Prison and how a 3 year old girl had to walk past child sex offenders to visit her child molester father.
Read the article for yourself....

Now I was recently told that children under the age of 16 were not allowed to visit Port Phillip Prison - I guess I was wrong. I was told that Sometimes access visits have been court ordered to "keep a relationship with the father under family law". And that Access Visits with pedophiles is a common practice in Victoria. A woman who worked for the Department of Child Services said that she has had to watch a pedophile father being bounced on her father's knee (the same man who molested her) while 7 or 8 other offenders watched on. This happens too often and the lady has since left working for DCS. She did however also mention that she is very aware that once pedophiles are released, when housing is concerned, authorities very rarely factor in the surrounding areas, so for instance checking if a school is close by it doesn't seem to be as much as a priority as getting them housed.

How can a child be allowed in a prison that pedophiles are housed in? This should never ever happen.

I always thought that criminals are supposed to be doing it tough. Yeah well, now I've made up my mind that the justice system is a failure.