Friday, July 6, 2012

The Block 2012 - sad goodbye

Is anyone else sad that Channel 9's The Block is over? I looked forward to watching it everyday.

I am a HUGE Dale and Sophie Vine fan. I love their vintage/recycled style. Very fantastic.

I went out and bought The Block Magazine. I love it. It has a lot of content, including a page on every room. It also has some details on where to get a lot of the products from the show.

One of the items I loved from the show was this Jackalope Head in Sophie and Dale's kids/teenagers room. At first  was weirded out by it, I have come to love it. You can buy it from for $49.95.

Another thing I adored from the same room where the cute stuffed bunny, they are from Maiike in Hawthorn, they are made from recycled fabric. I want one for my son, so cute!!

I love the use of colour that Dale and Sophie used in their dinning room. I love the placemats and hanging jar light that Sophie made.

Dan and Dani's backyard...

I love ceramics. It was my favourite subject in school. These cute white figurines from The Block are from Bed Bath N' Table. The crane is only $14.95 - I must have it. So unique. I love those white bunnies too! The crane is from Dan and Dani's house. The bunnies are from Dale and Sophie's.

Sophie wore a beautiful bunting necklace in the series. It is from a UK designer called Lucie Ellen. I really love the diamond jubilee bunting necklace. It typical Sophie fashion, this necklace is made from reclaimed wood - I love that!!

Lucie-Ellen has heaps and heaps of cute things to buy!! Should I buy one? Ohhh so tempting... I love that these are all handmade.

What a great show from Channel 9 - can't wait for the next series. Congrats to Brad and Lara for their winning home!

The Block magazine costs $8.95 and it available from your newsagent :)

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