Friday, September 28, 2012

Goodbye Jill.

Like most Victorians, I woke today to find out that missing Brunswick women, Jill Meagher, had been raped and killed by (the man the police have in custody) Adrian Ernest Bayley.

Jill and her husband Tom.

I can't tell you how upset I am. On Sunday I had seen her missing person poster on FaceBook. As the news unraveled, it seemed apparent to me that she wasn't a runaway and that she had truly been abducted. I remained hopeful that she was to be found alive. Unfortunatly that was not to be…

One of my friends posted on his FaceBook today about that lack of public transport and taxis in the early hours of the morning. He had been to the same bar exactly one week before Jill was snatched. At closing, there was only 50% of taxis needed, so he started walking in the direction of him home (the same route that Jill took), eventually a taxi picked him up. Being that Melbourne has such a busy night life I do think that out public transport system should be improved.
There have been many times when I have wanted to go back to my car on my own after being in the city, my husband doesn't let me. When we were dating and his bands used to play in clubs, he would always walk me to my car if I was going home alone. A lot of the time I used to drive a friend in so I would be safe. This friend also happened to be a black belt and a male :)

I did a quick search of Adrian Bayley's name earlier - it looks like he has prior convictions so hopefully that means he will stay in jail longer. I have no idea how someone could rape and murder someone, it is so hard for me to understand.

RIP Jill.

Floral tributes at the bridal shop where she was last seen alive.

Let us not forget how many other people go missing in Australia every day, most of these are never shown on the news. And to all the ladies out there, please take care xo


  1. It just makes me so sad.. no words can describe how some one could do such a thing, he apparently does have prior convictions and was out on patrol.. Ive seen photos of him before the media decided to give him the deceny of blurrying out in his face - he doesnt even look like a mentally disturbed person.. I think there is so much more to this than what the media/public are being told. That aside the beautiful girl is out of pain/misery but its just heartbreaking.

    1. It's terrible. I think every Victorian is upset by this news. She's only a couple of years older than me. Jill and her husband looked so happy...I really feel for him.
      Wish that man was inside instead of out on parol - unfortunately our prisons are so full atm.... I hope he doesn't try and get off with some fake defence - that always bothers me...

  2. How sad was that, and I live so close to there. Poor Jill!