Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can we trust anyone?

Can we really trust anyone?

Once you have had your trust taken away from you, more than once. It is hard to get back.
When my sister married "D" 13 years ago she really trusted him, we all did. She didn't realise, no one realised, that just after the wedding he would molest myself or my other sister. I was just a little girl and POW!!! Trust gone.

My "outcry witness" (the first person you tell about the abuse) was a girl I met on the net, we were members of a group that was pretty tight knit. She started telling people I had a secret and the told people even though I told her not to tell anyone. POW!!! More trust gone.

My ex-bestfriend believed what I said her ex had said but to stay in the "cool crowd" pretended to believe him...POW!! Trust gone.

Being set-up at work about a doco about mental illness to be shown in Britain, an outpouring from my heart and soul. Only to find out that your big boss had just used that to cover up the fact they were filming "Under Cover Boss" and I was just a distracting pawn so no one would know what was really happening. POW!! Trust gone.

I don't know who to trust anymore...

Then again, I would hate for people to think they couldn't trust me...

T-R-U-S-T - 5 letters that can mean so much...


  1. oh nooo.. I'm so sorry for the things you went through... I can imagine just how hard it would be now to trust anyone at all..

    But believe me when I say that everything happens for a reason.. Even if the reason ain't clear right now.. One day.. You will understand why you had to go throught all that you had to go through..

    I'm so sure that one day you WILL find that someone that you could put your trust in without hesitation.. But you gotta be smart about who you trust.. And with all that you've gone through, you will know..

    You gotta stay strong and keep your head up and be the BEST you could be coz life's a bitch girl! And you gotta beat it and take control..

  2. I am a beleiver that time is able to heal our wounds. Trust is for me the single one worst thing you can lose in a relationship and ver very hard to regain. I always trust people until they do something to show otherwise.

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