Friday, November 23, 2012

Dental Experience and Dental Beauty

I have suffered a lot of dental problems this year. I would take years to explain them all. I had a flare-up from a root canal which caused immense pain. Don't worry though, tho only happens in 1% of people who have a root canal. Anyway, that cleared up. I also had a couple of filling done. I believe my teeth had problems because of my pregnancy (apparently the baby takes the nutrients so your teeth are left a little worse for wear - I did have them cleaned when I was pregnant though, that is important to do!).
Back to the fillings, I had tooth decay under an older filling, so I had a bigger filling go in. By the next day I was in agony. I was waking up at night etc etc. I went back to the dentist who sent me to an endodontist where I had better x-rays taken of my teeth and his opinion. Well, it didn't show a lot of anything really. I thought the pain would go away but it didn't, although did lessen some.
I had 3 options;
Root canal (takes out the nerve of the tooth - after last time, I am a little scared of them)
Crown (but that may not work)

Now, I ruled out a crown. They are really expensive and it may not work. So I was left with RTC (root canal therapy) or extraction. Extraction = cheap, one appointment. RTC = expensive and 3 appointments. 

The tooth is the very back on the top left (they call it the 2nd molar). I have a fully impacted wisdom tooth next to it, which I was told will need to be removed in the future and will probably damage my 2nd molar (my sore tooth) and I will need RTC or extraction.

I choose extraction.

Here is my tooth.

Goodbye Evil Tooth

As I have had so many dental problems this year and been in for various things I thought I would tell you do's and don'ts when you go to the dentist.

1. Do not go to the dentist wearing lipstick or lipgloss. It will end up all over your face and your dentists gloves who will in turn end up getting it all around your mouth.

2. Do apply a clear lip balm. I use a Chap Stick and only use a think layer. This one is more matte than others which is good as it isn't slippery and you won't end up with clear slime all over your face. Peter Thomas Roth sells a true matte lip balm, which would be great for guys with chapped lips who don't want the shine.

Don't wear heavy eye makeup or lipstick to a dental appointment or you may walk out looking like this.
Image from google.

3. Do wear deodorant. Think of the dentist and dental nurse.

4. Do not wear heavy perfume. Some people can be sensitive to it and you don't want the dentists/dental nurse eye's watering and sneezing when you are in the chair.

5. If you are going to be wearing mascara, make sure it is waterproof. If you get the needle, sometimes it causes your eyes to water - you don't want a black line running down your face. I would also avoid eyeliner under the eye as well. I actually don't wear any eye makeup to the dentist.

6. Wear you hair in a low pony tail or plait. Those dentist chairs are annoying. Most of the time my dental want me to tilt my head further back and if you wear a normal pony tail the hair bobble gets in the way and makes your head all uncomfortable. I suppose you could wear your hair out but I have very long hair and it would be in the way and would end up everywhere. Avoid a bun at all costs. It will give you a headache balancing your head on it! Trust me, I've made that mistake.

My choice of hair style for a trip to the dentist.

I will leave you with this...

In all seriousness. Dental pain sucks. Make sure you go ever 6 month for a checkup!

Friday, November 16, 2012

November Bellabox

I received my November Bellabox today! Yay! The theme is "Soiree Season Staples".

The first thing that took my eye when I opened the box was the Dr Lewinn's Facial Polishing Gel - I have always wanted to try this but didn't want to spend $40 (on 150g) if it was just another exfoliant. So now I can try it out!

Onto the goodies.

First up is the Dr Lewinn's Facial Polishing Gel. This is 50g of the product! What a great samples size for skincare. Can't wait to use this.

Swisse Handcream with Vitamin D and Pomegranate. This is great for me. I wash my hands a lot these day (after every nappy change - I have an 8 month old!). So my hands get a little dry sometimes. This is a perfect size for a handbag. Swisse is made in Australia too!

Palmolive Mango Body Butter Body Wash - I saw it was mango and was "nooooooo". I dislike mangos. I don't know why. However, it smells quite nice. This is 50mls. (still I wish I got strawberry!! hahaha)

4me Nail Polish Remover Pads - excellent! These looks great 30 wipes in a little plastic container and apparently "quickly remove polish while conditioning the nails and cuticles at the same time". They are acetone and alcohol free. Can't wait to try these, they look really convenient. The RRP on this is only $3.49, this is a full-sized item.

B by Bloom Colour Cheek Tint - it's a creamy tint and I got the colour "napa valley". This is a full-sized item as well. I don't usually wear cream colours on my cheeks but this looks nice. I'll test it out later and if I love it I'll post photos. Here is a closeup of the colour;

Lastly, we have these three samples.

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, this is a Korean product. It looks like it contains a nice strip and a strange black q-tip. It is for blackhead and whitehead removal. I secretly love those pore strips, some people have sensitive skin and shouldn't use them. As my skin is not sensitive I occasionally use them with not much success - blackheads love my nose, what can I say hahah. Really looking forward to see if this works.

Dr Lewinn's Skin Perfect Primer and Skin Perfect Foundation. I got the shade "Beige", I can pretty much tell you right now that the foundation will be too dark. I read that the ingredients are supposed to stimulate collegian production. I'll get use out of the primer though.

Bioderma Sebium h2o Cleansing Water - This is for combo to oily skin. It removed makeup and impurities with a cotton pad and you don't rinse. I've never tried this product so it's good that it is in the box.

I felt this month the box seemed really full. I'm really happy with it. Did you get the same things in your box?