Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 weeks in - a need to de-clutter

As far as pregnancy goes, I never imagined it to be this bad. I'm getting very little sleep and have lots of headaches and dizzy spells. My back and ribs are causing a lot of problems, I can't get to sleep until at least 4am it is very frustrating. I can eat now! It is amazing to be able to eat after have the worst morning sickness. I love food. I can't get enough in though as my tummy hurts from non stretching. I have put a lot of weight on but I don't really care atm. I guess I will later though. It is definatly hard being the only 'married and pregnant' person in my friends group. I sometimes envy that they go out on the town and do exciting things. I get to nurse my sore body. I am lucky though that my friends are awesome and visit me. I have read that you know who your true friends are when you have a child. I know that my friends will be here, I would be a mess without them.

I can't believe my baby brother S got married. His 20 year old wife, J, is so lovely. She wanted to organise a baby shower for me and I know she is putting in a lot of hard work. 6 days until my shower.

I really need to de-clutter my house. It's hard to do it when my house is small and I have quite a few nick-nacks. Hopefully P will clear out our "Music Room" soon so it can become "The Nursery". Speaking of clutter, why is it that P wants to keep all his school books from so many years ago when he never looks at them? They are a 'just in case' sort of thing. I want to toss them, it is just clutter. His mother always gives us her old things too - we never use them, it just becomes clutter. Ahhh...