Sunday, April 10, 2011

The case of the exploding cupcake...

Well earlier this week I was pretty depressed. Tilly and I watched old re-runs of All Saints instead of doing things we really should have been doing.

The same day we were cheered up and the lovely Mez from had sent me a package. I won a comp on her page and I won some beautiful nailpolishes. Yay!! At first I had no idea who it was from. I got a padded bad and inside that was an adorable light blue wrapped parcel with dark from ribbon. She is so sweet, she even sent a thankyou card :) The mini bottle is OPI, it's a really cute colour.

I had Writer's Group on Friday, two of my friends can't have gluten so I made my first batch ever of gluten free cupcakes. It's had making gluten free, I found the cupcakes a little less moist that usual but my friends enjoyed them. One of the cupcakes exploded in the oven!!

People who know me will know I have a massive obsession with Marilyn Monroe. A friend of facebook put up this link to buy this gorgeous Marilyn chest of draws. I am obsessed. I want it.


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